Foxridge FIA Community

- Frequently Asked Questions -

 01  What is the purpose of the FIA?

The full purpose of the FIA is stated in the Articles of Incorporation. A summary of purpose is: To educate and inform Owners about the Covenants applicable to the various Filings, the betterment of the general welfare and the promotion of friendly relations between the residents of Foxridge, and, when called upon, to provide arbitration of disputes related to Community issues.


 02  Is the FIA a Home Owners Association?

The FIA is not a HOA (Home Owners Association).  The FIA is a nonprofit corporation established to be a central point of the 11 filings that make up the Foxridge Community.  Membership is voluntary and open to any of the 934 homeowners in the 11 filings.  


 03  What filings comprise the FIA?

There are 11 filings: Foxridge First Filing, Foxridge II, Foxridge III, Foxridge IV, Foxridge Filing No. 5, Foxridge West Filing No. 1, Foxridge West Filing No. 2, Foxridge West VI, The Ridge at Foxridge (aka Rusty Sun), Hillside at Foxridge, and Greyhill at Foxridge (aka Racquet Club).


 04  Does a homeowner need approval of the FIA for exterior changes to their property?

The FIA does not have any authority to approve or disapprove changes to your property; that is a function of the ACC as defined in your covenants. The FIA does provide a covenant advisor to assist you in understanding your covenants. The FIA has compiled a document "FIA Covenant Considerations".


 05  Where can a homeowner get a copy of the covenants?

A copy of the covenants for the filing that you are in should have been provided to you at your closing. The official copy is at the Arapahoe County Records. An unofficial copy is here.


 06  Is the Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID) a part of the FIA?

The FGID is not a part of the FIA.  The FGID a taxing district approved by the Foxridge homeowners in 1989 to provide funding for items such as fence repair to the perimeter fencing, water and electric bills of the entrance ways, tree and shrub maintenance of the perimeter area.  The GID funds are administered by the City of Centennial via Foxridge Community representatives that are approved by the city council.


The FGID can be reached at


 07  Is the Foxridge Swim and Racquet Club a part of the FIA?

The Foxridge Swim and Racquet Club is not associated with the FIA.  It is a private corporation offering memberships to the pool and tennis courts.



 08  Is there a preferred garbage disposal service for the Foxridge community?

There are several disposal services for the area, such as Pro Disposal and Waste Management.  Check with your neighbors which service they are using and how they like it.

 09  Does the FIA have a newsletter?

The FIA publishes a monthly newsletter called "Foxtales" that is sent to the 934 residences. The cost of mailing the Foxtales is paid for by the FIA and the cost of publishing it is paid for by Porchlink from the ad revenue. The Foxtales is addressed to “Foxridge Resident” since maintaining a list of who is living at each residence is too much for the volunteer that the FIA relies upon to do.


 10  Does the FIA know who each homeowner is, and how do they use that information?

The FIA obtains the legal homeowner information (owner names and address) from the on-line system maintained by Arapahoe County.  This name is used to send legal items to the FIA membership, such as the FIA annual meeting notice and the FIA election ballot. (The county system can be up to 4 months out of date.)


 11  What is the Teen Service List that is in the Foxtales?

The Teen Service list is provided to the community of young adults who are available to do work. The information is published as it is received. The FIA does not maintain any information about the quality of work or verification of ages / phone numbers.


If you want your teen added to the list, email the board with the subject “Foxridge Teen Service.” Then list the name, age of your child, what services they can provide and phone number. Services include Baby Sitter, Red Cross Certified Baby Sitter, Pet Sitter, House Sitter, Dog Walking, Lawn Chores, Snow Shoveling.


 12  Who runs the FIA?

The FIA is composed of a Board of Directors of up to 9 volunteers.  Meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at Metrum Credit Union from 7pm to 9pm.  A minimum of 3 Board Members is required to be a valid Board of Directors. 



If your question was not answered above, please contact us.