Foxridge FIA Community entrance sign 4

Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID)


The Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID) was formed and approved by a majority of Foxridge homeowners in 1990. After developers completed construction, it became apparent that steps needed to be taken in order to maintain a cohesive, attractive look for the neighborhood in order to maintain property values.   

Given this petition, the following stipulations were set at that time: 

  • Funding must come from each property within the FGID 

  • Maintenance includes the perimeter of the neighborhood and interior thoroughfare streets

  • The funds are administered by the City of Centennial via Foxridge community representatives who receive guidance from the Foxridge Improvement Association (FIA) board.

  • The FGID provides a tax structure (as seen on Arapahoe County property tax details - FOXRIDGE GEN IMP DIST) to provide funds for the following:

            • Fence maintenance and repair, as well as

               replacement when needed

            • Common area and street cleanup and weed  eradication

            • Irrigation system maintenance, operation and repair

            • Tree and shrub trimming, spraying and fertilizing

            • Entrance utilities, care and improvements of entry gardens


FGID Spending.png