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Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID)


The Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID) was formed and approved by a majority of Foxridge homeowners in 1990. After developers completed construction, it became apparent that steps needed to be taken in order to maintain a cohesive, attractive look for the neighborhood in order to maintain property values.   

Given this petition, the following stipulations were set at that time: 

  • Funding must come from each property within the FGID 

  • Maintenance includes the perimeter of the neighborhood and interior thoroughfare streets

  • The funds are administered by the City of Centennial via Foxridge community representatives who receive guidance from the Foxridge Improvement Association (FIA) board.

  • The FGID provides a tax structure (as seen on Arapahoe County property tax details - FOXRIDGE GEN IMP DIST) to provide funds for the following:

            • Fence maintenance and repair, as well as

               replacement when needed

            • Common area and street cleanup and weed  eradication

            • Irrigation system maintenance, operation and repair

            • Tree and shrub trimming, spraying and fertilizing

            • Entrance utilities, care and improvements of entry gardens


Fence Questionnaire Results Posted 3/23/2019 






The Foxridge Community Voted:

According to the City, of the 934 homes in the Foxridge GID, there were 355 valid responses after the data was scrubbed to remove the duplicate addresses and those who did not provide a valid address.  Here are the results:


1.  Are you willing to pay for a fence replacement?

     Yes = 264 (74.4%)

     No = 91 (25.6%)


2.  Which material do you prefer?

     Trex = 182 (66.4%)

     Cedar = 92 (33.6%)

Questions about the fence project can be directed to Patrick Fleming, FGID contact at the City, at and 303-754-3319.