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Greetings, As you may have imagined, we are receiving a lot of questions about wildfire with Boulder’s suburban conflagration and its historical hurricane force winds. We often talk about mitigation, but there are also often overlooked steps to prepare for ANY emergency. Below are some often overlooked disaster preparation steps. Also, linked are some resources to prepare for wildfires for yourself and some of your younger household members. Some often forgotten important steps:

• Reverse 911 – Emergency Notification: Many do not realize that your phones have to be opted into the notification system. https://ace911.colorado.gov/arapalert

• You don’t just need 2 ways out of your home. You also need 2 ways out of your neighborhood. Many times, people are not aware of secondary routes.

• Do you have a go-bag of essentials ready?

• Have you walked your home with your video camera to document what is inside your home for insurance?

• Do you have duplicate copies of important papers at a secondary trusted location? More planning information can be found here: www.arapahoegov.com/1460/Planning-for-a-Wildfire Discuss with Children: Additionally, if you were away and your non-driving children were home, would they know what to do if they received an evacuation notification? The activity book (lesson plan is in the back) has resources to have this discussion: files.constantcontact.com/621c062f001/0b32b721-a245-49b2-bac6-86918afdb9af.pdf Finally, Arapahoe County recently finished their Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan. For the county’s plan on various hazards, you can follow this link: www.arapahoegov.com/DocumentCenter/View/12172/FINAL-with-Adoption-lettersArapahoe-County-HMP-1-18-21-Final Stay safe, Kimberly Spuhler, Community Risk Reduction Specialist South Metro Fire Rescue, Cell: 720.668.3271 Pet Safety Tips • Prepare a go-bag for your pets, with food, water bowl, restraint devices or kennels, sanitation needs, copies of vaccinations. • Pet decals for the front and back doors alert responders there are pets inside. Many varieties are available at pet stores and online sellers. • Developing a plan with neighbors. They can get to know your pets and prepare them for evacuation better than a stranger. • One online detailed plan for pets can be found here: https:// petfbi.org/how-to-protect-your-pet/disaster-preparednessfor-pets/?gclid=CjwKCAiAlfqOBhAeEiwAYi43F9mRR3yAQc_ o7pX_5TTmf8RrHoVUXgjL4XRxskV-iOBFfmuvC7PYuxoCXwQQAvD_BwE

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