Dumpster Day - 110 visitors!

Updated: Jun 16

What an incredibly successful event, we had 110 Foxridge residents show up to dump their trash. Seven large 30 yard dumpsters were filled up by 12:00pm. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this event safe and helpful. Special thanks to Alison Krebs, event organizer.

Dumpster Day June 11th 8:30 am- Noon

(Must be FIA member to participate) Corner of Mineral Ave and Monaco St

Dumpster Guidelines: If possible, please bring helpers who can assist in

tossing large and/or heavy items.

Examples of items NOT ALLOWED in the dumpsters:

Aerosol cans | Animals| Antifreeze | Any and all liquids, including

flammable liquids | Appliances, including microwaves | Asbestos

Barrels | Batteries | Chemical products | Computers, including

monitors | Dirt/soil | Fluorescent tubes | Hazardous wastes of any

other type not hereby listed | Herbicides and pesticides | Industrial

waste | Medical waste | Motor oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil

or hydraulic oil | Oils contaminated or mixed with solvents, gasoline,

etc. | Oil filters | Paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no

liquids) | Petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips | Propane

tanks | Radioactive material | Solvents | Televisions | Tires

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