Fence Project Celebration

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Years of discussion, research, planning, and hard work have paid off with a fresh look in Foxridge with our new community fences. Initiated by the General Improvement District (FGID) representatives and supported by a Foxridge Improvement Association (FIA) ad hoc committee, collaboration with the City of Centennial made it happen. It’s time to celebrate!

Whether you supported the bond election that funded the new Foxridge fence or not, there can be no doubt that the new TREX fence would not be there without the efforts of a group of determined volunteers over a six-year period. Those who opposed the new fence also contributed to the quality of the final result by serving as checks and balances. It goes to show that if you feel strongly about some Foxridge issue, you can make a difference by getting involved!

GID Fence Project: September Update

By Martha Riley

Fence Installation Completed

The punch walk conducted in early August showed a completed project as far as installation goes. Cleanup along the fence line has been completed and all post caps have been installed. Work will begin on one or two sections of mismatched pickets to see how best to mediate.


Mayor Piko, Councilman Holt and Councilman Sutherland will all speak at the fence celebration open house on Thursday, Sept 9th at around 5:30. Food will be catered; the cost will be paid by a City of Centennial Neighborhood Engagement Grant. Drinks will be provided by the fence committee. Mark your calendars for Thursday, Sept 9th at to join us at the garden any time between 5 and 6:30..

A Little History

Ed Bain, long-time FIA Board member and FGID co-representative, remembers participating in fence discussions at FIA Board meetings around seven years ago. Efforts to determine a solution for our aging wood fence problem intensified in the spring of 2016 with the formation of the FIA Ad Hoc Fence Committee, followed by direct discussions with City Staff.

City Staff began discussing the fence project with the FGID Board of Directors (City Council) in 2017. Work on easement acquisition began. Foxridge residents voted to approve Ballot Issue 6B in the November 2019 election by a margin of 54% to 46%. This allowed the FGID to take on $1,955,000 in debt to pay for the replacement of the fence and to increase property taxes to repay that debt.

With easement acquisitions and financing in place, construction commenced in December 2020 and finished in July 2021. The contractor was Split Rail Fence Company and the project was overseen by City Staff, the FGID representatives, and employees from Farnsworth Group. Construction was wrapped up ahead of schedule and almost $80,000 under the amount asked for and approved by voters in November 2019.

Early efforts to solve the aging fence problem involved research and discussion about refurbishing vs replacement.Ultimately, the fence committee, concerned about the high cost of refurbishment and continued necessary maintenance over the years, decided to focus on full replacement using Saddle-colored Trex composite for a long-term solution.A neighborhood survey supported that choice.Although expensive upfront, the 25-year warranty and potential 45-year life span with little maintenance makes Trex fencing a good fit for Foxridge.Bonus:Trex is environmentally friendly as it is composed of 100% recycled materials

Fence Project Expenses (rounded

​Construction (Original Contract)


​Construction Change Order


​Design, Engineering, Construction Management


Project Administration Fee (City Staff Time)


​Bond Financing Costs




​Total Expenses


​Original Amount Authorized


​Variance from Budget


Loan Details

​Principal Amount:


​Rate (Maturities 2020 – 2035):


​Rate (Maturities 2036 – 2039):

​Variable – not to exceed 5%

​Total Estimated Principal and Interest:


Tax Information

​2020 Actual Tax Collections


​2021 Projected Tax Collections


​Property Tax Increase

​$139, 080

​Number of Foxridge Homes Paying Taxes


Average Tax Increase Per Home Per Month


Information provided by City Staff

You’re Invited!

All residents are invited to drop by the community garden on September 9th to join the celebration with other invitees – FGID Board of Directors, City Staff members, GID representatives, FIA Board of Directors, and people from Split Rail Fence Co and Farnsworth Group. Hope to see you there!

GID Email Contact

Patrick Fleming, FGID contact at the City, can be reached at gid@centennialco.gov.

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