Dear Foxridge Resident/Homeowner,

A meeting of the Foxridge GID Board of Directors will be held at the City of Centennial on Monday, June 19 at 5:30 pm before the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting. Members of the City Council form the FGID Board of Directors.

It is my understanding that the topic for the meeting will be “focused on how the Board would like the City to approach easement acquisition (for Foxridge GID fences). There is no plan to discuss whether the fence should be replaced, how much the project would cost, etc. At this time, the meeting is scheduled as a typical GID meeting, which does not include public comment.” (Marianne Schilling)

Foxridge homeowners are welcome to attend the meeting or can to listen to the live audio feed found by link on the City of Centennial website.

Best regards,

Martha Riley

FGID Representative

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