Neighbors Helping Neighbors! Correct Contact for help/volunteering

the Foxridge Improvement Association is coordinating an effort to offer help with fall clean up and yard chores to any FIA members who need it. This effort will bring together volunteers and employable neighborhood youth to assist busy, elderly or disabled residents who need help getting their yards ready for winter. We hope to encourage that sense of belonging in our community as well as provide an opportunity for our students to earn some cash and for the whole community to come together for a common cause – beautifying our neighborhood! The date for this event is Saturday, October 20, starting at 10:00 am. We will put together a task force of workers who will move from home to home to get the job done quickly. Here are the ways you can participate: • Volunteer to help with clean up for someone in the neighborhood • Volunteer to pay a neighborhood youth to do clean up chores for someone else • Sign up to receive help with yard work. This is one benefit of joining the FIA that residents who aren’t interested in the social events can utilize this community activity. Contact:

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