Dumpster Day Update

In 2020, the FIA board learned that Waste Connections was raising the price for a compacting garbage truck, which are used for our dumpster day events. The price nearly doubled from $600 per truck in 2019 to $1150 per truck in 2020. They cited their merger with Pro Disposal, along with other acquisitions, as well as their historic practice of losing money on these events as the reason for the price increase.

The board has preferred using compacting garbage trucks over roll off dumpsters (which are far cheaper), since they don't require the volunteers to manually adjust large/heavy items in order to maximize the usage. They also allow for more items to be collected. After contacting several other trash collection companies in the metro area, it was determined that Waste Connections was the only vendor that supplies trash compacting garbage trucks for neighborhood events.

The FIA Board decided to keep the June dumpster day event on the calendar with 2 trucks, as historically this event was more attended than our fall dumpster day event. However, FIA can only provide these events if funds from membership support it. Please stay tuned to Foxtales and our website as the year progresses and we review our funding options. If we don't secure the membership funds, the fall event may be cancelled.

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