Fence Update

On June 1st at 6pm, the Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID) Board of Directors will convene to discuss different options for moving forward with the fence replacement project, given the current economic situation. The meeting will be held virtually and can be viewed at

https://www.centennialco.gov/Government/Mayor-Council/City-Council-Meetings/Agendas-Minutes. The live media button appears next to the word "agenda" when the meeting begins. You may need to refresh your screen if you do not immediately see the link.

Public Comment will be available during the initial portion of the meeting. If wishing to make Public Comment, residents may access the join meeting link published on each Agenda at the link above. As you enter the virtual meeting, your microphone and video will remain off. The Mayor will un-mute your microphone and call on you when it is your turn to speak. Comments are limited to three minutes. Any attendee causing disruptions during these virtual meetings, will be removed from the meeting by the administrator.

Additionally, comments and/or questions for Public Comment or written materials for presentation to Council may be submitted to the City Clerk at bsetterlind@centennialco.gov prior to the meeting. The City Clerk will read into the record any comments received prior to the meeting and distribute to the Mayor and Council Members.

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