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About Us

Our History

Foxridge Improvement Association was established in 1977 as a civic association; Foxridge does not have an HOA. The community is comprised of 934 homes in 11 filings, with each one having its own covenants.  A volunteer Board of Directors of up to nine members manages FIA business.

Our Purpose

The Board of Directors is guided by our by-laws which state that the purpose of the FIA is "to educate and inform Owners about the Covenants applicable to the various Filings, to encourage Foxridge property owners to preserve their property’s value, desirability and attractiveness, and to promote friendly relations between neighbors and support the general welfare and safety of all residents."

Membership Benefits

We have voluntary $60 per year membership dues.

The benefits of your membership include:
​  * Voting for FIA Representation  

* Representation at City of Centennial Meetings  

* Covenant Advisor  

* Annual Easter Egg Hunt  

* Two Dumpster Days  

* Horse Drawn Holiday Carriage Rides  

* Holiday Lighting & Decor  

* Neighborhood Teen Services Listing  

* Monthly FOXTALES Newsletter  

* Annual Summer Fair  

* A Welcome Committee  

* Volunteer Opportunities  

* Fun events to connect with neighbors

Monthly Board Meetings

FIA Board Meetings are every second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. All Foxridge community members are welcomed to attend. 

Metrum Community Credit Union
6980 S Holly Cir, Centennial, CO 80112

Our Board Members

Martha Riley

FIA President

Resident since 1990

Term thru: 12/31/2023

Ph: 303-435-2073

  • Foxridge General Improvement District Rep to the City of Centennial

  • Foxtales
  • Membership Committee

  • Google Drive/FIA Email

  • Fence Committee Chair

Alex Martinez

FIA Vice-President

Resident since 2018​

Term thru 12/31/2024

  • Website​

  • Google Drive/FIA Email

Bryon Bhagwandin

FIA Secretary
Term thru 12/31/2023

  • Elections

  • Meeting Notes

Gurdeep Sandhu

FIA Treasurer

Term thru 12/31/2024

  • Membership Committee

  • Community Events

  • Website

  • Holiday Decor

Tudi Arneill

FIA Member At Large

Term thru 12/31/2024

  • Foxtales

  • Welcome Committee

  • FCG Liason
  • The Club at Foxridge Liaison
Sandra Williams

FIA Member At Large

Term thru 12/31/2023

  • Social Events

  • Communications

  • Holiday Decor

Alison Krebs

FIA Member At Large

Term thru 12/31/2023

Cheryl Gass

FIA Member At Large

Term thru 12/31/2023

  • Foxtales

  • Communications

  • Website

  • CenCon

Andrew Yon

FIA Member at Large

Term thru 12/31/2024

Foxridge FIA Community Covenant Advisor 2019
Ron Gamet

Covenant Advisor


  • CenCon

Our Mission

Recent Board Members

Ed Bain
Tim David
Michelle Sandt-Wade Former President 2019-2020
Jim Black
Chris Laird 
Dan Antone Former President 2015 - 2018

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

- Helen Keller

Become a member and support our community.

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