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Upcoming FIA Board Election

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

By Bryon Bhagwandin, Acting FIA Board Secretary

Ready to Shape the Future? Join Our Board Member Ranks! Foxridge volunteer-leadership election season is upon us once again. This year three incumbent FIA Board member seats are up for renewal with one vacant seat that needs to be filled. Each member is elected to a two-year term. The upcoming ballot will have four spots including the three incumbents. This provides an exciting opportunity for someone to participate on the FIA board beginning in January 2024.

The FIA board is a diverse group of Foxridge residents who serve as board members for a variety of reasons, including giving back to the community, meeting neighbors and fellow community members, effecting change and improvement at Foxridge, developing new skills, building reputational capital, or just getting out of the house. If any of these reasons resonate with you, please consider running in the upcoming election. The election will be held by mail between October 6 and November 8. Board member commitment is for one 90-minute meeting per month plus any specific duties a person volunteers to carry out. If you’re interested in nominating someone for the board (with their permission) or if you want to nominate yourself, send us an email at foxridge. Review the deadlines below to assure your nominations are in line with timeline requirements. You can improve the chances of being elected by having your photo and biography printed in the October edition of Foxtales, but these items must be received by September 18th for inclusion. A name can still be added to the ballot as late as September 20th, but you forego the free Foxtales publicity. Also, note that you must be a member of FIA on September 20th to qualify as a candidate, and by November 8th to participate in the voting process.

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