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Hiking with History

Cheryl Gass Amazing views, fresh air and rich history - Colorado is full of gems. From our wonderful neighborhood, we have access to many of these special spots. Approximately 30 minutes from Foxridge is the Welch Ditch Trail, in Clear Creek Canyon. The trail head sits just west of Golden. It is a spectacular place where history and nature combine to create a reflective journey for the entire family. This trail is part of the Peaks to Plains Trail system that will eventually stretch for 65 miles, connecting Denver to Loveland Pass. The Welch Ditch trail features a unique wooden water flume that dates back to the 19th century. The flume, built by Charles Welch, once directed water to power a brewery, industrial mills and irrigate farmland. Since then, the half mile wooden flume has been reconstructed with creosote logs allowing hikers to enjoy incredible views from the edge of the canyon. And, one can hear the powerful waters in Clear Creek below the trail. For fishing enthusiasts there are many access points along the river. If you are looking for a family journey that bridges history with the present, you can experience it with a hike on the Welch Ditch Trail. “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir Directions: From Golden, drive west on Hwy 6. On the left side of Hwy 6 is a sign for Tunnel 1 Parking (This is just before the first tunnel on Hwy 6). For more information about the Peaks To Plains Trail, visit:

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